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National Library of Medicine  

Before you start 

► All National Library of Medicine apps are free 


Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Play Store
► AIDSinfo HIV/AIDS Guidelines app provides access to the federally approved HIV/AIDS medical practice guidelines. The app offers treatment recommendations approved by expert panels for the treatment of adult, pediatric, and perinatal HIV infection, as well as the prevention and treatment of HIV-related opportunistic infections in adults, adolescents, and children. 

WISER (Wireless Information System for Emergency Responders)

Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Play Store
WISER is a system designed to assist emergency responders in hazardous material incidents. WISER provides a wide range of information on hazardous substances, including substance identification support, physical characteristics, human health information, and containment and suppression advice. 
► Learn more about WISER with these tutorial videos


Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Play Store
► Users can access information on potential safety problems, side effects, and herb-drug interactions with additional links to resources for more information. HerbList provides only scientific, research-driven information to provide consumers and healthcare practitioners with unbiased information to make informed decisions about supplement use.

REMM (Radiation Emergency Medical Management)

Step 1: Download the app from the App Store or Play Store
► Users can access guidance on understanding radiation, diagnosis and treatment, planning head, and work safety.


Step 1: Download AHRQ ePSS from the App Store or Play Store
► The ePSS is an application designed to help primary care clinicians identify clinical preventive services that are appropriate for their patients. Use the tolls to search and browse U.S. Preventive Service Task Force (USPSTF) recommendations. 


Step 1: Download Medscape from the App Store or Play Store
► Made for doctors and students to get essential information at the point-of-care. Medscape's community accounts for more than 250,000 physicians who can exchange experience and provide advice. The app provides users with information about doses and adverse drug combinations, access to medical updates, and answers to questions in a library that contains step-by-step procedural articles and other resources. 



Step 1: Download EyeChart from the App Store 
► EyeChart is a pocket vision screener featuring: randomizable Snellen Chart, Tumbling E Chart, Sloan Letters Chart, Landolt C Charts to offer a rough but useful screen of visual acuity. Simply press a button to randomize the entire eye chart, or touch an individual line of the chart to randomize that line 
► Offers subscription features for an additional cost

Taber's Medical Dictionary  

Step 1: Download Taber's Medical Dictionary from the App Store or Play Store
► Taber's Medical Dictionary contains over 65,000 terms, 1,200 photos, and 32,000 pronunciations, 100+ videos, and more than 600 patient care statements.  Taber's goes beyond the in-depth definitions and provides nutrition and alternative therapy, medical abbreviations, symbols and units of measurement, immunization schedules, nursing diagnoses, and updates. 

Eponyms (for students)   

Step 1: Download Eponyms (for students) from the App Store 
► Eponyms (for students) brings a short description to about 1800 common and obscure medical eponyms to your mobile device now made available for free to students. 
► Eponyms for professionals available for $1.99 - App Store or Play Store

MDCalc Medical Calculator 

Step 1: Download MDCalc Medical Calculator from the App Store or Play Store
► MDCalc is created by board-certified physicians for use by physicians, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, pharmacists, and medical students.  The app provides access to more than 500 easy-to-use clinical decision tools including risk scores, algorithms, equations, diagnostic criteria, formulas, classifications, dosing calculators, and more. 


Before you start 

► Below are lists of both free and fee-based anatomy apps

Visual Anatomy Lite/Free

Step 1: Download the Visual Anatomy Lite app from the App Store or download the Visual Anatomy Free app from the Play Store

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► Visual Anatomy is an interactive reference and educational tool. The Lite/Free version contains 130+ high-resolution images and more than 350 feature points which can be interactively selected. Each feature has its own label and a short description. Add-on Images from 6 chapters of Grey's Anatomy can be used as a quick reference


Essential Anatomy 5

Step 1: Download the Essential Anatomy 5 app from the App Store 


► Essential Anatomy costs $14.99
  Essential Anatomy 5 contains over 8,200 structures in a highly accurate, immersive and visually stunning app
► Download the FREE Essential Skeleton app in the free section.

Complete Anatomy 

Step 1: Purchase access to Complete Anatomy - 3D4Medical by Elsevier
Step 2: Once purchased, you can download onto your device (apple, android, and Mac/Windows compatible) 


► Complete Anatomy costs 
  • Student Plus: $34.99 - $74.99
  • Educator: $49.99 - $99.99
  • Professional: $99.99 
  Complete Anatomy contains over 8,200 structures in a highly accurate, immersive and visually stunning app
► Sync your account across all your devices, can be used on two devices simultaneously