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RML Library Policies

 Library Access 
The Rowland Medical Library serves the Schools of Medicine, Nursing, Graduate Studies, Dentistry, Health Related Professions, Pharmacy, and Population Health as well as the greater Medical Center. 
The library supports faculty, staff, and students in the educational, healthcare, and research missions of the University of Mississippi Medical Center. 
A valid UMMC identification badge is required to access the library during all operating hours. 
Food and Beverages
Covered beverages and snacks are permitted in the library. Beverages and snacks may not consumed in the stacks, near computers or in the Archives. Non-compliance with this policy may result in the loss of this privilege. 
  • Trash must be placed in the proper receptacles. 
  • Meals or messy and aromatic foods are not allowed inside the library. Please consume these items in the outside lobby before entering the library. 
Disruptive Patrons
Rowland Medical Library is a space intended for study and research. 
  • When an individual or group becomes too noisy or disruptive, library staff will request that the noise level be lowered. 
  • UMMC Campus police will be contacted by library staff if the behavior issues are not settled. 
Cell Phones
In order to provide an atmosphere conducive to study, cell phones should be turned off or switched to vibrate when inside the library. Patrons should use a low voice when placing or answering calls. The library staff reserves the right to ask patrons to move to a more acceptable place inside the library or to the lobby outside the library if other patrons are being disturbed. 
Unattended Children and Library Access
To ensure that the library environment is maintained to support study and research, children entering the library must be under the direct supervision of an adult at all times. No child should be left in the library unattended at any time.