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Systematic Reviews: JBI

Joanna Briggs Collaboration

JBI is a global organization promoting and supporting evidence-based decisions that improve health and health service delivery. JBI offers unique solutions to access, appraise, and apply the best available evidence.

JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program

The JBI Comprehensive Systematic Review Training Program enables participants to learn how to conduct robust systematic reviews of different evidence types in order to provide the strongest possible evidence to inform decision making or clinical guidelines in health care.

Participants who successfully complete the program can become Certified Reviewers. Certified Reviewers are accredited for a period of two years as authors in JBI Evidence Synthesis, the content of which is indexed in Web of Science, Embase, Scopus, Mosby's Index (Elsevier), CINAHL (EBSCO) and MEDLINE.

Mississippi Centre for Evidence-Based Practice

The Mississippi Centre for Evidence-Based Practice, a JBI Centre of Excellence and US Cochrane Affiliate, is located within the UMMC School of Nursing. The Centre of Excellence promotes the mission of JBI and engages both academic and practice associates in evidence generation, synthesis, transfer, and utilization.