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Archives: Procedures

A guide to Archival services at Rowland Medical Library




  • No food or drink is allowed in the area.
  • No pens, bags, briefcases, purses, notebooks or umbrellas are allowed in the Reading Room. These items should be placed on tables provided at the entrance of the room.  
  • Pencils and paper are available in the Reading Room.  
  • Laptops are allowed in the reading area.  Laptop cases should be stored at the entrance of the room. 
  • Shelving areas are only accessible by Archive staff.  Materials will be pulled and delivered to the researcher.  
  • Materials are only used in the Reading Room. Archive books and manuscripts are not allowed to leave the area. 
  • Researchers are limited to one box of material and can only remove only one folder from the box at a time. Material should not be moved from its order in the folder.  Misfiled material should be reported to the staff. Do not attempt to correct it yourself. Staff will monitor use of all material. 
  • Materials should not be written on, altered or folded.  Do not write on paper with archival material beneath.  Keep material flat on table or reading surface. 
  • Materials should be returned to the archival staff 30 minutes prior to the end of business hours. 
  • Photocopy services are provided by the archive staff. Materials may be photographed if material is deemed too fragile. The University Archivist shall make the final decisions on material too rare and/or fragile. Photocopy services shall be refused if it violates donor agreements or copyright law. 
  • Unprocessed collections may be consulted only with the permission of the University Archivist. 
  •   Be aware that the Copyright Law of the United States (Title 17, U.S. Code) governs the making of photocopies or reproductions of copyrighted material.



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