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Archives: Collections

A guide to Archival services at Rowland Medical Library




The following are some of the collections housed in the Archives Division.  Not all collections are included in this list.

  • UMMC campus publications

  • UMMC Academic Affairs Documents

    • SACS documents

    • LCME documents

  • UMMC Public Affairs Collection 

    • Centerview (2009-2015)

    • This Week (1995-2003)

    • newspaper clippings (1995-2003)

  • UMMC authored texts - fiction and nonfiction material

  • Weinstein Collection - fiction material written by health professionals

  • Dr. James D. Hardy Manuscript Collection

  • Dr. Charles Foster Lowe book Collection

  • Louise Scott Sams “Weezie” Hardy Medical Book Collection

  • Dr. C.C. Bass “Father of Dental Hygiene” Manuscript Collection

  • Julius Cruse History of Immunology Book Collection