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Journal Rankings, Research Impact, and Scholarly Publishing: Journal Rankings

Journal Rankings

Academic journal rankings can be used to evaluate a journal's quality and importance in a particular academic field. Mathematical formulas are used to assign an impact score to a journal title based on how many times a journal has been cited by other publications.

  • No single database that scores all journals, and different citation databases use different scoring metrics.
  • Journal ranking scores are one tool in evaluating journal quality. Types of articles, language, journal history, and changes in title and format could also affect citation rates.  
  • Predatory publishers may use a fake journal ranking score. Impact factor and other journal ranking scores should be verified.

How are journal rankings useful?

  • Identify the core journals in your academic field
  • Identify journals to submit articles for publishing
  • Compare journals to assess quality and influence of different publications
  • Identify journals relevant to your research interest
  • Evaluate the quality of a journal